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Suva, Fiji

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14th - 16th February, 2023

Course Overview

Corporate governance is a dynamic value-based force that helps build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability that is critical for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity. All activities in an organisation and all business decisions involve risk. In fact, every activity an organisation engages in; every decision it makes, or fails to make, carries an element of risk. All managers have a responsibility to properly manage the risks in their business and this program will give them the tools and knowledge to identify, analyse, evaluate, manage and report on these risks. It will also show them how corporate governance works and how they can involve themselves in the corporate governance process.

This comprehensive, practical and interactive 3-day program includes several case studies, activities, tools and templates and covers the disciplines of Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). It is specifically designed to give managers a pragmatic pathway, tools and confidence to enable their business to implement good Corporate Governance practices and ERM. The program will be facilitated by a highly experienced Risk practitioner with 40 years of professional and practical experience, and who will cover the principles of Corporate Governance and risk management in a practical manner.


You can choose from three locations in Pacific Islands. 


The course will give you an overall idea to:

  • Understand and demonstrate the skills required to participate in the Corporate Governance process and ERM
  • Understand the fundamentals of Corporate Governance and what it is
  • Apply Corporate Governance Principles
  • Appreciate the link between Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Explore the fundamentals of Risk and what Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is
  • Understand best practice principles and globally accepted codes and standards
  • Be able to design and implement an effective ERM framework, including Risk Treatment and Recovery options
  • Design a Risk Register and related templates and tools.

Skills Gained

Some skills that can be acquired on course completion.

Corporate Governance Principles


Gaining assurance over risk culture


Risk Assessment, Analysis and Evaluation


Control effectiveness criteria


Fundamentals of Risk Management and Recovery


Course Outline

As governance, regulatory and compliance continues to be a complex business challenge, new laws and regulations challenge boards to greater levels of transparency, objectivity, professionalism and increased accountability. Our course assist directors and management to identify the applicable laws and regulations to better understand the regulatory environment, which can help to ensure compliance and sound corporate governance.


• What is Corporate Governance?
• How is good corporate governance achieved
• Fundamentals of Corporate Governance Structure
• Corporate Governance Principles

(Please find the full modules in the brochure) 


• Fundamentals of Risk
• What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?
• Notable Risk Management Failures
• Common causes for Risk Management Failures

(Please find the full modules in the brochure) 


• Risk Assessment 
• Risk Analysis
• Risk Evaluation
• Control effectiveness criteria
• Risk Treatment Options
• Implementing Risk Management

(Please find the full modules in the brochure) 

Who Should Attend?

Business Executives
Risk professionals
Board members
CEO’s, CFO’s
Company secretaries
Company Directors
Operational managers
Finance managers

Corporate strategists
Project managers
Business owners
Line managers

Independent decision-making
Independent directors
Role of chair
Nomination committee
Selection and appointment process and re-election of directors
Induction and education

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